Accounting Industries Best Kept Secret.

I’ve been providing accounting services to clients for nearly 30 Years. In that time small business has become burdened with red tape and tax. For every improvement in technology, there seems to be 10 more things that a small business owner needs to do for the government.
Surely in this day of technology, you shouldn’t be spending hours, even days, filling out forms. Why should a person have to be an expert just to pay tax? The ATO and government have continually added to the burden on small business. GST has made every small business a tax collector on behalf of the ATO. To reduce this burden BMC Accounting implemented a system that has quietly helped frustrated and stressed clients get back to running their business.
You don’t need a bookkeeper, no cashbook, you don’t need to be a computer whiz, and as a matter of fact, you can do it without a computer.
• Computer required? Only if you want one!
• NO Cashbook to complete!
• Most accurate system we have ever used!
• Average client time required is only 20 minutes per month!
• Up to date reporting received when you need it!
• BAS’ on time every time!
• No dates or deadlines to remember! It’s all automatic.
• Costs 80% less than popular business accounting software.
Spend less time on your books and more time on your business. Don’t waste time crunching the numbers and completing your bookwork when you could be spending that time on your business.
This system simplifies your accounting by virtually eliminating manual data entry and the collection of receipts and bank statements. You’ll no longer have to spend hours doing your books with software that is often complex and expensive to use. You can do nothing, or do it all, your choice.
This system is suitable for all small business. Clients using this system include tradespeople, MV dealers, retail shops, rental property owners, café owners, farmers AND ACCOUNTANTS.
A quote from a Café Owner and Operator “BankLink has dramatically improved the efficiency of our business – I’d recommend it to all business owners.”
What this system can do for you?
• Simplify Bookkeeping
• Save you time and money
• Improves ATO Audit results
• Provides Up to Date Reports on Profit and Cash flow
• Reduce stress
The system incorporates the Banklink software and is provided only through accountants like BMC Accounting, by Banklink Australia.