COVID-19 Businesses and Individual Information

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As the outbreak of Coronavirus escalates, more uncertainties arise. The Australian government has been finding ways to support businesses and individuals in these most difficult times.

At BMC Accounting, we do understand your concerns. We are still here to help you.

We will constantly update this page to help you understand how the stimulus package can help you and your love ones.

For Businesses

  1. BMC Advice 26 March 2nd Stimulus Package
  2. BMC Stimulus Package Summary for Business – What you are eligible for?
  3. Fact Sheet – 100% PAYG Cashflow Assistance
  4. Fact Sheet – Employer Obligation on JobKeeper Payments
  5. Fact Sheet – Supporting business to retain jobs
  6. Fact Sheet – Stop Demands from Creditors
  7. Fact Sheet – Government Support for Business Loans
  8. Fact Sheet – Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package
  9. Sole Trader – Are You Affected by Coronavirus?
  10. Fact Sheet – Providing Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses
  11. Fact Sheet – JobKeeper Payment for Sole Traders

For Individuals

  1. Fact Sheet – JobKeeper Payment – Information for employees
  2. Fact Sheet – Extra $550 Income Support Payment from Centrelink
  3. Fact Sheet – Access to your Superannuation 
  4. Salaried Employees – Are You Affected by Coronavirus?
  5. Can you claim Home Office during Coronavirus locked down?

For Retirees

  1. Fact Sheet – Information for Retirees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. FAQ – JobKeeper Payments
  2. FAQ – ATO related issues for Individuals
  3. FAQ – ATO related issues for Employers
  4. FAQ – ATO on Payments and Reporting
  5. FAQ – ATO on Interest and Penalties
  6. FAQ – ATO on Pausing or Ceasing your Business
  7. FAQ – ATO on SMSF